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property boom - apartments for sale

The mystery of Kenya’s property boom

What is driving Kenya’s property boom WHAT Kenyan home buyers want is a picket fence, friendly neighbors and safe streets for their children to play in. For 13m shillings (about $125,000), well-off Kenyans can buy a nice-looking semi-detached house with about a quarter of an acre of garden.With most of its[Read More]

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Rental Income Tax

Rental income tax explained

A Comprehensive Guide on Rental Income Tax The rental income tax is the amount of tax one pays to the government for income derived from the use of residential property. This tax came about when the Finance Act 2015 introduced a new Section 6A in the Income Tax Act that[Read More]

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buying a property

Things to consider when buying a property

1o Things to consider when buying a property in Kenya Here are 10 things most property buyers regret not considering or overlooking during the whole process of buying a property.  The below checklist will serve as a guide during the process. Verify existence: As a real estate investor, one cardinal[Read More]

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