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capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax in Kenya

Capital Gains Tax A ‘Capital Gain’ is the difference between the purchase price and the selling price of certain assets. Subsequently, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the income tax payable on the gain/profit made on the disposal and eventual transfer of an immovable property by means exchange for a consideration[Read More]

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land tenure system

Land tenure system in Kenya: Freehold versus Leasehold

Understanding the Land tenure system in Kenya Due to rapid population increase, agricultural land is rapidly being converted to plots for residential, industrial or commercial use. Most people seeking land, however, end up with unsuitable ones for the projects they had in mind. Solely because they do not understand the[Read More]

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stamp duty

Stamp duty: An quick guide on the charges

Stamp duty explained Stamp duty is the tax levied on various transactions such as transfer of land, shares, and stocks. It is collected by the Ministry of Lands, which has outsourced the mandates to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). KRA, in turn, contracts commercial banks to collect the money at a[Read More]

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real estate joint ventures

Real Estate Joint Ventures: Understanding how they work

Understanding how Real Estate Joint Ventures work As more Kenyans seek ways of owning property, real estate joint ventures are becoming increasingly popular. Joint ventures are agreements between landowners and investors that aim at developing real estate property.  Conveyance steps in real estate joint ventures Here is an insight of the conveyance[Read More]

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